Nominating Process

  1. Names are received as referrals or self-nominations. The following information is requested.
    1. Name and contact information
    2. Church
    3. Pastor & Contact information if known
  2. Nominating Committee contacts all names submitted to confirm they are willing to continue in the Nominating Process. Focus sheets are provided for individual to understand all that is required for open positions. If individual agrees to proceed a Leadership Application is provided and must be submitted to the committee.
  3. Pastor is contacted to and provided a Leadership Reference Form which must be submitted to the nominating committee.
  4. Nominating Committee prayerfully considers each name with approved Leadership Reference Form to determine one name to put forth to the State Connector Team for each open position.
  5. Ballot for Ratification is voted on at the Annual Business Meeting.

Note: Current officers posting to serve a second 3-year term, or seeking to fill a different vacant board position, will follow the procedures above.