Starting Your Local CWC Group

Start with Prayer!

Meet with your Pastor and discuss ways you can partner in ministry. Discuss the various needs of all women in your congregation and how Women’s Ministry can help meet the needs you both have identified.

Plan a "Connection Event"

If possible, bring a women’s leadership team together and decide as a group what your first “Connection Event” will be. Consider the best day/time that most women would be able to attend. Event ideas are limitless! It could be a fun time – a casual lunch at a restaurant or in your home, tea party, salad lunch, dinner, spa night, or movie night, Prayer Retreat, or Spiritual Birthday Party.

How to Introduce CWC to Your Group

If you would like assistance/ support in introducing CWC to your group, contact your CWC State Coordinator. There are helpful materials that you could share with your ladies including a CWC Informational Packet which includes: an Executive Summary of the Relevance Survey Report, Information about the Mission and Vision of CWC, a CWC brochure, and information that will help your group as they continue to minister to women both now and in the future.

Plan Your CWC Year

The women in your church are unique and the ministry that serves them should be unique as well. Decide how frequently you will connect as a group! Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly — whatever meets the needs of your group. Will you gather for Fellowship, Learning, or Serving? Some groups are more business meeting oriented and others are more casual. Each group should be organized around the needs of the women in your local church and community.

Additional planning ideas include: Service Projects, Fundraisers to meet a specific need in your church, Volunteer in your Community, Bible Study, Spiritual Birthday Party, Support your State Project or attend CWC State or National Conference together! Attached is a listing of 50 Ways to Become the Hands & Feet of Jesus In Your Community. A wonderful resource is the CWC Organizational Packet. This packet includes: The CWC Annual Planning Guide, Developing a Women’s Ministry Flyer, CWC DVD, National Finance Project brochure, 25 Christian Women Connection brochures, Connection newsletter, Children of Promise brochure, sample of the Sister to Sister series, Linen Chest flyer, and Partnership Roster form. You can order this and other Christian Women Connection Products by calling (866) 778-0804 or through our National CWC website:

Become a CWC Partner

The ministry of CWC is funded through generous donations and partnerships. The Annual partnership fee is $10. Some women challenge themselves to give a little more ($20) out of their love for the ministry. Other women have “Lifetime Partnerships” (a one time fee of $100). These partnerships, in addition to connecting the giver with local, state, and national ministry opportunities and resources, help the national ministry to create resources that serve the local.

Benefits of being a CWC Partner include: discounted National Convention Registration, you will receive the Connection Newsletter, Discounted Resources, etc. As a CWC Partner, you will receive full benefits of connection through CWC. Additional Details are found in your Registration Packet in the brochure “Christian Women Connection Introductory Brochure”. This and other helpful starter items are available by calling (866) 778-0804 or at

All CWC Partnership and CWC Fundraising monies should be sent your CWC State Treasurer. And there are a number of  State and National Projects which your group can choose to support such as Christ Birthday Observance, Service Kits (specifics outlined under Ministry Opportunities in the Annual Planning Guide), Linen Chest, National Finance Project, Change the World, or the Hunger and Relief Fund.

We encourage you to stay connected with CWC activities in your State by developing a state website, newsletter, or Facebook page, as well as attending state and national CWC conventions.